Welcome to the Supramolecular NanoChemistry & Materials Group. We are located at the Catalan Institute of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology in Barcelona (Spain). Our group’s research interests are focused on controlling the supramolecular assembly of molecules, biomolecules, metal ions and nanoscale building blocks at the nanometer scale for the design and synthesis of novel functional architectures. The use of supramolecular chemistry to control the fabrication of new nanomaterials is a key aspect for the future of Nanoscience & Nanotechnology. We use the supramolecular chemistry as the underlying approach for exploring new complex supramolecular assemblies and bioinspired architectures with unprecedented structures, interesting physical and biological properties and applications (in close collaboration with several private companies) in diverse areas, including micro- and nanoencapsulation, drug-delivery systems, contrast agents and the development of novel sensors and magnetic platforms.

Micro- & NanoEncapsulation Services at the Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology
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  • Latest Publications

  • Lanthanide–Organic Framework Nanothermometers Prepared by Spray-Drying,

    Z. Wang, D. Ananias, A. Carné-Sánchez, C. D. S. Brites, I. Imaz, D. Maspoch, J. Rocha, and L. D. Carlos, Advanced Functional Materials 2015, DOI: 10.1002/adfm.201500518 [Link]

  • Synthesis, Culture Medium Stability, and In Vitro and In Vivo Zebrafish Embryo Toxicity of Metal–Organic Framework Nanoparticles,

    À. Ruyra, A. Yazdi, J. Espín, A. Carné-Sánchez, N. Roher, J. Lorenzo, I. Imaz, D. Maspoch, Chemistry – A European Journal 2015, 21, 2508-2518. [Link]

  • Protecting Metal-Organic Framework crystals from hydrolytic degradation by spray-dry encapsulating them into polystyrene microspheres,

    A. Carné-Sánchez, K. C. Stylianou, C. Carbonell, M. Naderi, I. Imaz, D. Maspoch, Advanced Materials 2015, 27(5), 869-873. [Link]

  • Resonant spin tunneling in randomly oriented nanospheres of Mn12 acetate,

    S. Lendínez, R. Zarzuela, J. Tejada, M. W. Terban, S. J. L. Billinge, J. Espín, I. Imaz, D. Maspoch, E. M. Chudnovsky, Physical Review B 2015, 91, 024404. [Link]

  • Sponge-like molecular cage for purification of fullerenes,

    C. García-Simón, M. Garcia-Borràs, L. Gómez, T. Parella, S. Osuna, J. Juanhuix, I. Imaz, D. Maspoch, M. Costas, X. Ribas, Nature Communications 2014, 5, 5557. [Link]